Kingyo Club

300px-Kingyo_ClubKingyo Club – 2011 (金魚倶楽部)

Country: Japan

Genre: Romance/School

Cast: Jingi Irie, Yuiko Kariya

Plot: “Third year high school student Haru Hiiragi (Jingi Irie) is popular with his peers, but isn’t interested in his studies or love. Koto Harukawa (Yuiko Kariya) is first year high school student who is the target of bullying. One day, Haru sees Koto getting bullied and comes to her defense. Haru and Koto become friends and start their own “Kingyo Club” (Goldfish Club) as their safe haven. Problems from the outside still threatens their relationship.” (AsianWiki)


I am somehow always impressed with Japanese deepness of drama. Behind every story there’s another one hidden inside. In this case main story is friendship that grows into strong feeling between third grader and first grader of school. He – cold and uninterested in life with mother that cares to much. She – bullied by students and unwanted by mother. They meet by chance one day and somehow connect. What I like about the story is the fact that teenage love is only a frame for a main picture which is teenage problems like abuse, bullying, loneliness. I wasn’t sure at the beginning but Japanese drama’s have that cuteness in them that even so the action is not fast, you kind of getting to watch them anyway. This is one of those dramas when there is two people who struggle against world and at the end have only each other. It kind of made me appreciate how happy childhood I had really. Drama is not done in high definition of pictures which often happens in Japanese production but story for example is totally worth it. I would recommend it to people who looking for something more than a fluffy love story.


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